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Steamed Ginger and Green Onions over Tilapia

Steamed Soy Sauce Fish

If you’re not wierded out by Tilapia, this is a great low carb easy dish which my mom still makes for me after 29 years of breathing. This dish can be eaten by itself or with rice.

Ingredients you’ll need:
1 Tilapia (the one I used was about 3-4 lbs), the grocer cleaned it for me
3 Green onions (Julienned diagonally)
1 in. piece of Ginger (Julienned)
A steamer/wok
2 tbs. fried Shallots (Optional)


  1. Get the water boiling in your steamer ( I used a wok, see below)


2.  Place your cleaned tilapia on a steamer safe place and sprinkle the ginger and soy say on top then place it in the boiling steamer/wok


3.  Cover the steaming fishie for 15 minutes then turn off the heat, throw your julienned green onions on and top back on for about 3 minutes.


4.  Remove the top, take the bad boy out! Careful! It’s hot! You’re donezo! Eat it with rice or eat it alone.


Side Notes:

I had some fried shallots laying around and put some on. This is quite healthy but there is also a chubby version (probs still not bad)… 2 things you can add/do for the chubby version:

  1. Add more soy sauce
  2. Skip warming up the green onions (2nd part of step 3) and heat up about 3 tbs. of oil (canola) and pour it on the cooked fish and green onions.  ***The hot oil will be infused by the green onions and drip into the soy sauce. Yumz!

If you have any questions AT ALL, please feel free to ask J


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