Ta Daahhhh!! It’s me!

Just like most people, I wanna to see the world, eat all it’s food, meet all their people, touch every grain of sand…. all in one life time.

I few categories that I have in this blog is something that are really close to my heart… in other words, my most interested topics in life… it all revolve around eating. waaaahhhh!!! But I love food and I will workout over time just to maintain. And mind you, I am nowhere near skinny bitch status but I have lost a lot weight in the past 2 years (post douche bag relationship) cause he called me fat. And my love for food is barring me from being a damn skinny bitch. So I make up my own recipes to enjoy food in a healthier manner.

My Recipes are not really recipes… I cook to my heart’s content.

My weakness is pork belly… (i even Liked it on FaceBook, it’s that serious) the fatter and crunchier the better!

My posts are really every where. I want to apologize for that. It’s random and eclectic <Ta Daahhhh!! It’s me! ❤ enjoy!


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